Taekwon-Do Patterns


Taekwon-Do PatternsPatterns are various fundamental movements, most of which represent either attack or defence techniques, set to a fixed and logical sequence. There are a total of twenty-four patterns in Taekwon-Do, they represent the twenty-four hours of the day. The name of the pattern, the number of movements, and the diagrammatic symbol of each pattern symbolises either heroic figures in Korean history or instances relating to historical events.

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Rules to be applied when performing patterns:

1: Patterns should begin and end at exactly the same spot. This will indicate the performers accuracy.
2: Correct posture and facing must be maintained at all times.
3: Muscles of the body should be either tensed or relaxed at the proper critical moments in the exercise.
4: The exercise should be performed in a rhythmic movement with an absence of stiffness.
5: Movement should be accelerated or decelerated according to instruction from your Instructor.
6: Each pattern should be perfected before moving to the next.
7: Students should know the purpose of each movement.
8: Students should perform each movement with realism.
9: Attack and defence techniques should be equally distributed among right and left hands and feet.


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