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GM Roy Oldham IX

Present Day....

We are proud at this time in our history to be part of both the Unified International Taekwon-do Federation (UITF) and Taekwon-do International (TI) This will make certain that our national squads enjoy an abundance of International Championships at European and World level in the future...

Both of these international organisations are unique in their structure allowing autonomy to member groups, and are positively a modern approach to the future of Taekwon-do.

Both International bodies are headed by indisputable original pioneering 9th degree Grand Masters – Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung and Grand Master C K Choi. Our association has access to these pioneering legends of Taekwon-do at international instructor courses, seminars & degree certification. The association has a vibrant future for all our membership and up and coming black belts.


My first instructor was First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, the father of British Taekwon-Do. I was one of the first twelve civilian Black Belts to be promoted in the UK. The test took place in Coventry England in September 1971.

In 1990 our association heard through the grapevine that Grand Master Park Jung Tae had left the ITF, and was forming a new world body. So I phoned Grand Master Park, and he asked me to join him, and others in Toronto Canada. At that inaugural meeting we became founder members of the newly formed Global Taekwondo Federation. In 1992 Master Andresen (Norway) and myself set up the European arm of the GTF, called the European Global Taekwondo Council (EGTC) it grew very rapidly. We held many seminars, IIC's, European and World Championships throughout Europe. Also at that time we traveled as assistants to Grand Master Park to many countries throughout the world promoting the GTF. 

The GTF organisation was formally founded in October 1990 at a statutory congress meeting in Toronto, Canada. The organisation held its second congress meeting on the 4th of October 1993 in Moscow Russia. Representatives from many nations, and all member states from Russia were present at the meeting. Since that time the organization enjoyed a phenomenal growth throughout the world. In the year 2000 the organization held its 3rd World Championships in Rimini, Italy to celebrate the Millennium, and the coming of the organisations tenth anniversary. 

In late 2002 I attended an inaugural meeting in London along with five other group leaders to form the UKITF under the leadership of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa (son of our taekwondo founder) My belief at this time was to help rebuild one Taekwon-do "I still believe in the unity and strength of one Taekwon-do, with one technique"  In October 2004 I was promoted to 8th degree (GBR-8-1002) at the ITF World Championships in South Korea and to 9th degree in March 2013 - UK. 

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I am very proud to introduce our Senior Instructors who know and display the true "Tenets of Taekwon-Do". Please can I ask you to take time to get to know them a little better by reading their profiles below. 

Master Richard Auciello VII

Master Richard Auciello has spent the past twenty-nine years training in Taekwon-Do and is currently one of Europe’s youngest 7th Degree Black belts. He has represented the country at International level and won World titles at several tournaments including Individual World Gold in 2000. He’s been teaching for seventeen years and has been decorated for his instruction by Lincolnshire’s Sports Council and nominated at the BBC East Midlands sports awards for Performance Coach of the Year for his work with his Club and the England Squad.

His experiences make him quickly acknowledge that Martial Arts has forged him into the person he is today; giving him the confidence to have a public voice, make a positive contribution to society and a difference to the lives of others. Taekwon-Do has enabled him to improve the lives of students including some who suffer with physical or mental disabilities, one particular student who suffers with Asperger’s Syndrome and Tourette’s started Taekwon-Do barely able to stand on one leg; through careful instruction, patience and perseverance, he not only has achieved his Black Belt but was also presented with a BBC Sports Special Achievement award by Dame Ellen McArthur, making Master Auciello one of the proudest Instructors in the World.

Even during the time Master Auciello has been training he has seen Taekwon-Do spread rapidly throughout the world proving that a sport/Martial Art can cross all boundaries of race and creed, joining together international friendships in a pursuit of excellence of both their minds and bodies. He is very proud to be a member of the GTUK, an association which has the Tenets of Taekwon-Do at its core, under Grand Master Oldham, for whom Master Auciello has the greatest respect and loyalty.

Mr Paul Burgess VI

I have been training since 1976 and my first club was in Rugby in 1980 and then in 1985 I moved to Cornwall and set up 12 clubs including a Jeegoo club.  I have been in numerous tournaments, won some and lost some.  I have dedicated my life to Taekwon-Do and  it has made me a better person and has given me confidence.  All my promotional tests have been under First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, Grand Master Park Jung Tae, and Grand Master Oldham.                     

I have been with Grand Master Oldham from the start, in the UKTA, GTF, ITF and now GTUK/UITF and I have seen a lot of members come and go.

Its been a great journey over the years, and I feel we as an association are stronger now than ever before. Thank you GM Oldham for your dedication and hard work......

Mr Steve King VI

I started Taekwon-Do in December 1984 in Wellingbrough and the club had only been going for nine months when I was told to take over the training at red tag and I have been running the club ever since.  I took my 1st Degree Black Belt in 1988 with Grand Master Hee Il Cho (TAGB)  I have started clubs at Olney, Leicester, Kettering and a few more besides.

I joined the GTUK in 1991 and currently hold 6th Degree Black Belt and the main Instructor at Wellingborough. I am also the Senior Instructor for Northants and have taught at the Northants JeeGoo club since 1997. Upon joining the GTUK I am now the only one left who took their 4th degree test with Grand Master Park Jung Tae in Scotland at the European Championships in 1996 along with Mr Ridley, Mr Archer, Mr Cunningham, and Mr Iqbal. The test was the hardest physically I have every taken lasting more than four hours.  Grand Master Oldham and Master Andresen (Norway) successfully passed their 7th degree tests at the same time. This promotional test is still talked about to this day.

I have won many medals in the past 26 years including British, Scottish and International Championships together with some team medals. I have always believed an Instructor should compete in competitions, so I regularly took part from yellow belt until 2009 when I was Hong Kong Champion at the age of 48. I am Proud to be a member of the GTUK.

Mr Darren Holmes VI

I enjoyed a very active coloured belt training and successful tournament history before gaining my 1st Degree in 1994, under the instruction of then 4th Degree Mr Clive Daffey, a former student himself of Grand Master Oldham.

After spending a couple years around Manchester promoting and teaching Taekwon-Do around Salford University and UMIST I moved back to my original home in North East Lincolnshire.  Based there I set up clubs at Hull University, Cleethorpes and Loughborough University.

My daughter was born in May 1996 and with my brother now having achieved his black belt I was able to rely on Andrew to take the Loughborough club forwards to growing success.

My work commitments later brought me down to Derby where I was able to train regularly with Grand Master Oldham in Coventry and later set up the club in Chellaston.  Saw success at many GTF and BTC national tournaments as a black belt and later represented the national team at international events between 1998 and 2005.

Passed my 4th Degree in 2003 under an ITF Masters panel in Norway.  Work opportunities took me to Hong Kong in 2006 where I helped promote and organise ITF style Taekwon-Do in the Hong Kong and China region.  Back to the UK in 2009, I graded to 5th Degree later that year and I’m now concentrating on regional JeeGoo training, Squad coaching and the general GTUK growth and success. I gained my 6th degree in May 2015 under an ITF panel headed by GM Oldham / SM Ian Lawes VIII / Master Clive Daffey VII. It was one of the toughest tests I have ever taken.

Mr Andrew Holmes V

I started Taekwon-Do in 1993 whilst I was studying at Loughborough University.  Before I went to university I had done some Karate and been a member of a local “freestyle club”.  I was instantly impressed by the structure and discipline of the Martial Art.  At the same time my brother had started training at a club at Salford University with an instructor who was under Grand Master Oldham.  I used to travel to visit my brother quite often and I would also train there too.

In 1995 my brother and I set up our own club at Loughborough University.  I got my Black Belt in 1996.  I can still remember the feeling of putting it on for the first time…  It was a mixture of relief for all the previous hard work and excitement for all the years that were to come.  I focused my efforts into running my Taekwon-Do clubs and training hard for the competitions that I was keen to win as a black belt. 

In 1998 I was part of the England team that went to Germany for the European Championships.  We had a great time and went on to win gold in the destruction event.  This was the real start of my competing career and I continued competing until May 2010.  At this time I was about to take my 5th Degree and I felt it was time to retire from competitions.  I am now very privileged to be part of the England Squad coaching team and I am able to see the same fears and rewards that I had, in the eyes of the young and old members who train as part of the England Squad.  Here’s too many more successful years of Taekwon-Do in the GTUK.

Miss Marie McAneny V

I started Taekwon-Do in 1992 and progressed through the belts, gaining my first Black Belt in 1995. Although reluctant at first about becoming an instructor, with the encouragement and persuasion from Grand Master Oldham, the first XS club was opened at Broadwood Stadium, Cumbernauld in 1995. 

Taekwon-Do became my full time profession in 1997, by which time XS had already grown to 3 clubs.  Being a full time instructor allowed me to concentrate on the coaching and nurturing of the young students who came through the doors of my clubs.  My enthusiasm for teaching and running clubs grows stronger every day and there is no better feeling than seeing my students progress through the grades to achieve their first black belt. The “buzz” I get from hearing and seeing the young children full of excitement as they leave the dojang makes all the hard work worthwhile.  I am extremely proud to be able to say that XS Taekwon-Do has students who have become International and World Champions.

XS Taekwon-Do / GT-Scotland continues to grow and I plan to open many more clubs in the future. 

Mr Martin Harvey V

I started studying Taekwon-Do in May 1974 with Mr Clive Neal, one of the ’12 disciples’ in Coventry. I did all my coloured belt grading’s under First Grandmaster Rhee and I took my 1st and 2rd degrees under Master Hee Il Cho.

Over the years I have also trained in other martial arts and have a 3rd Degree in two other styles as well. I joined the GTUK  in the late 90’s and took my 3rd Degree in 2003 under Master Oldham and moved to Cumbria in November the same year.  I took my 4th Degree in 2009, and on April the 24th 2015 I acheived my 5th degree.

Mr Clinton Gillett V

Many people ask why I started martial arts, and the answer is quite simple. From the age of 4 I could not walk, suffering from Perthes Disease which means that the top the femurs do not form properly and consequently spent nearly 4 years in a wheel chair, callipers and plaster in order to correct the condition.

Spending all this time watching friends playing sports and being bullied led me to join every single sports team possible. At 12 years old being small and slightly formed I joined the local Karate club (Wada Ryu) and gained 1st black belt and a national championship by the age of 16.  Fracturing a vertebra led to a break but at university I took up Saibuka and Kick boxing, teaching my best friend led to a love of instruction so when I became a teacher I decided to train in the world’s biggest martial art at the time Taekwondo.

In just one and half years I gained my 1st Degree and in 2000 was selected to compete in the World Championships in Rimini (Italy) Winning Silver in the sparring event was a career highlight but I still love to compete even now as it is great to challenge yourself, I also love long distance running and have completed 10 marathons and ultra marathons which helps maintain strength and stamina.

I am very proud to have achieved my 5th Degree in April 2015 and love running Bungay Taekwon-Do and Eastern JeeGoo clubs, many of my students have become national champions which makes me immensely proud and we hope to grow in the East and contribute towards a resurgent GTUK!

Mr Chris Peake IV

I have been training under Mr Burgess since November 1992.  Had fun doing demo’s, tournaments and seminars throughout the coloured belt years.   I took my 1st degree grading in June 1995 and the next day sparring in a tournament for the first time as a black belt against Master Auciello, I saw stars that day, I can tell you!
I have been an Instructor in clubs down in Cornwall and a regular team member at the JeeGoo Championships.  I got Black Belt of the Year award in 2001.  Also, I was the Editor of the Association magazine (2001 – 2004), a great honour.  I got my 4th Degree in October 2010 and I am loving the GTUK and all it stands for.

Mr Darren Twelvetree IV

Following a rugby accident where I broke my femur just below my hip, and after a long rehabilitation period the doctors suggested that I should attend a martial arts class to help my recovery with stretching exercises. 

After seeing a local flyer, my son and I went along to our first training session at the Wellingborough Club where we meet the Instructor who was Mr Steven King who is now a 6th Degree.  We both enjoyed the lesson so much we joined and I have been training with Mr King ever since who has been a great support throughout my Taekwon-do journey to date.  Working hard my son and I both attained our 1st Degree Black Belts on the 7th of November 2004 and have not looked back winning numerous competitions nationally and internationally. Since then, I have progressed through the grades until I was able to start supporting others and giving back what I have learned.
I am now a Senior Instructor working with Mr Steven King covering three local clubs in Wellingborough, Kettering and Wollaston and in addition a GTUK England Squad Coach, in which I enjoy helping and training other students to enable them to reach their true potential and attain their own personnel goals. 
I am proud to have achieved my 4th Degree in 2013 in front of Grand Master Oldham following one of the hardest tests I have ever taken.  In addition, I am the Safeguarding Officer for the GTUK and the BTC to help promote safety within our sport.