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Good time had by all at this years summer camp

10.10.11 Andrew Pitchford

Thank you to everyone who came to the Summer camp at Centreparcs! I hope you all enjoyed it; Mr A and myself certainly had an amazing time – don’t think we could have fitted anything else into the day, was so jam packed!… We started off with plenty of coffee and tea due to the early start, then bacon rolls in preparation for our first activity; orienteering, this required us to work in small teams to locate, using grid maps, letters around the village! We had 1 hour to make a word from the letters that we found – or didn’t find in some cases!! Lol…. Schools out team headed up by Mr Holmes came first and won big gold centreparcs coins, closely followed by Mr Auciellos team in second!

The students who had chosen paintballing as their activity changed into their camo gear ready for war!! (Photos below), Red team won, but John Bowman has to be given a special mention for carrying out a covert operation – 1 friendly fire shot to Mr Auciellos bottom! (Thank you John.) Other students went off to the 20 metre climbing wall, and also to the Tree Trekking where we climbed along single ropes, and spiders web, and used a swing to get across gaps at 5 metres, suspended tree trunks steps, and a Jacobs ladder before jumping from the 10 metre platform down the zip wire!!! We then went back for lunch at the conference centre, before starting the 3 hour TKD training session! Mr Holmes and Mr Auciello covered patterns, sparring and lots of technical information including distances for breaking, and how to use slight differentiation between kicks in patterns, sparring and breaking…. before moving onto a sparring session! There were lots of weary legs at the end, so we were grateful for a dip in the sub-tropical swimming paradise. Casualties of the paintballing soon became apparent, as little round bruises were on show for everyone to see! We had fun on the rapids, with the wave machine, on the lazy river, and the slides before retiring to the salt pool and the hot tubs!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially the children for representing the GTUK so well at this event, the organisers have commented on how easy we were to look after and that it was a pleasure to work with us – so thank you and well done!

We are thinking of organising this event again next year, we may be able to get discounts on villas – so please let us know if you would be interested in attending this and we will look to get it booked. We have options of time in Feb half term or summer again.. Please drop us a note with your preferences and whether you would come for just a day or make a weekend of it!

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