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Message from the - GTUK Executive Board

17.03.11 Andrew Pitchford

Message from the - GTUK Executive Board"

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Dear Fellow TKD Student

It is sad that the GTUK has been splintered from being one of the largest associations in the UK…. It is also very sad that a lot of friends black and coloured belts within the GTUK for many years have now found themselves isolated from one another, and that’s why we hope you don’t mind us writing this article.

First of all, we at the GTUK respect your decision in being loyal to your Instructor.  It has been a very taxing time for all of us when something of this magnitude is thrust upon us out of the blue, but we shouldn’t let this stop us from losing this friendship and comradeship built up over the many years we have known each other.

There has been a change within the structure of the GTUK recently; a change that has inspired our senior members to actively take complete control of the direction which the GTUK means to go in the future, and so far things are looking very promising as seen at our “Goodwill Championships” This change was encouraged by Master Oldham who through years of untiring efforts has announced that he now sees the opportunity to hand over the reins to his senior instructors. His role now along with Mr. Darren Holmes will be mainly to concentrate on international relationships with other World Masters of the (ITF- TI) we have established, and to help where he can to build a stronger future for the association. We thanked him for his faith in the new executive committee, and that we are proud to personally have our very own “reputable master” to be patron of the association, without whose dedication and loyalty to us all none of us would be here today.

Although these are sad times we have experienced we sincerely hope that your future endeavours are rewarding, and to tell you that we here in the GTUK think of you as our close friends in taekwondo. Our membership through this change of circumstance have been frequently contacted by many students who have now left the GTUK, and this is to assure you that we intend always to keep this friendship intact as we feel this is precious to all of us. You will always be welcomed by the GTUK executive committee and to assure you that you may contact us at any time.

Sincerely Yours - GTUK Executive Board 
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